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Who is Veni Vini Vici?

Veni Vini Vici is the personal wine and food blog of Debbie Shing, a plucky Chinese-Canadian from Vancouver (now based in Toronto) with some writing chops and a passion for all things delicious.

Debbie is a WSET Certified Educator since 2016. She completed her WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) Diploma in 2013 and has worked in Canada’s wine & spirits industry for over 12 years.

A culture vulture, Debbie speaks fluent French and Cantonese, is able to carry a decent conversation in Italian and Mandarin, and can wrap her tongue around enough Portuguese and Japanese to not get lost or go hungry in Rio or Tokyo.

Naturally, she enjoys travel and adventure, and besides being a hobby chef, is also an avid scootering neophyte.

Mission Statement

Veni Vini Vici believes there’s a drink for everything.

With that in mind, Veni Vini Vici’s goal is to provide beverage pairings for any and all types of food. If it hasn’t yet been featured on this blog, send us a quick e-mail!

Bon appétit!


Yes, I work for a local beverage alcohol distributor. I love my job and would like to keep it, so please take note that I will not disclose any corporate or compromising information about my employer on this blog.

This blog is not affiliated with my employer or any other corporation.

Everything published on Veni Vini Vici is my original commentary, and the content belongs to me alone. I do not endorse any particular brand or supplier.