Anselmi San Vincenzo 2011

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From the Veneto, this dry, fruity summer sipper is packed with orchard fruit flavours, zesty exotic citrus, a hint of apricot kernel bitterness, and clean green plum acidity, amid a fairly weighty body (it’s 13% alcohol). It’s great on its own as well as a tasty pairing with savoury dishes such as ceviche, salade Niçoise, grilled asparagus, and sardines fried or grilled with garlic, mint and chilies. $15 in Vintages Essentials.

Speed Reading

My goodness, has it ever been a while since my last blog post! If only I could write as fast as I can swirl my wine glass…

On March 16th, I was delighted to attend Marquis Wine Cellars’ inaugural social media friends wine event.

Together with other wine-loving locals from Twitter and Facebook, I sampled 18 delicious examples of Marquis’ quality selection, along with tasty bites provided by fellow webbies BeauCharles, Hills Fine Foods and Benton Brothers Fine Cheese. What a long way we’ve come since the days of anonymous online chatting for chatting’s sake!

Below are some quick n’ dirty Cliffs Notes-styled thoughts on the first few white wines I tasted. (I’m still working on typing up my other notes.)


Domaine Huet Brut Pétillant N/V

From Vouvray, in the Loire region of France. Made completely of Chenin Blanc. Clear, golden yellow in colour with sandy tones. A medium-intense, clean nose at first smelling of pineapple upside-down cake and rose petals opens up to reveal Champagne-like aromas of citrus and bread as well as a heady scent of nectar. Smooth on the palate, the bubbles were not too firm or pert, instead foaming slightly in the mouth. Flavours of honey, citrus, spice and apple emerge amid a medium body and medium dryness, finishing long and fresh. Terrific, perhaps, with an actual slice of pineapple upside-down cake with crème fraiche, or freshly steamed crab for a savoury pairing. $30

François Crochet Le Chêne Marchand Sancerre 2005

Sandy yellow in colour. According to Wine Doctor, the vines are over 40 years old, growing in a soil made up mostly of caillottes, or chalk pebbles. Unfiltered. A waxy, vegetal component is detected on the nose along with citrus and some greenness. Medium in body and dryness, the mouthfeel is actually quite round and smooth with an almost oily slick to it. Citrus rind flavours continue on especially in the hugely fresh finish where the wine finally shows its acidity. One to savour with clams or mussels cooked in white wine (moules marinères), mild goat’s cheese, or maybe a dish of fiddleheads. $40

Loimer Spiegel Gruner Veltliner 2006

My first time tasting Gruner Veltliner. Lemon yellow in colour. A somewhat faint perfume of minerals, soft, powdery white flowers and some citrus fruit appears on the nose. It’s a bit watery on the mostly mineral-driven palate; however, lots of acidity and subtle green and white fruit flavours keep this wine from tasting too much like freshly poured cement. This calls for salt-baked trout with lemon and sautéed spinach or arugula. $44

Anselmi Soave San Vincenzo Veneto IGT 2008

Composition: 80% Garganega (indigenous varietal) 15% Chardonnay, 5% Soave Trebbiano. Golden yellow with lemony tones. The nose begins with a blast of fairly intense raw cream notes – sort of like an unpasteurized milk aroma, with warm honey, apples and minerals rounding it out. Full in flavours of lemon, apples and butter with a creamy mouthfeel and big-bodied, possibly due to the Chardonnay. Slightly spicy with prickly acidity. Suggested pairings include New York cheesecake, a grilled Gruyere sandwich on sourdough, and lightly curried prawns. $25